4×4 Challenge

During one of our most requested team building activities, your team has a limited amount of time to transport a series of off-road vehicles across a simulated bridge full of obstacles. Your team must work quickly to distribute tasks, roles, and responsibilities based on the teams’ skill sets and risk levels. The driver’s sight is obscured, so a navigator needs to guide them with verbal cues while the ground crew works to mitigate risks/obstacles using limited resources.

The 4×4 Challenge embodies the principles of successful team building activities by increasing communication between team members, utilizing individual strengths, and emphasizing the importance of strategic thinking/planning. The primary goal of our experiential team building activities is to produce powerful memories and stimulate deep thoughts, self-reflection, and emotions that can be carried back to the workplace and translate into a more confident and productive team. The learning opportunities available are designed to enhance the focus on coordination and push individuals (and the team) beyond their perceived limits. Our experiential team building programs also create confidence in participants, their teammates, and their leader.

Our trained facilitators keep a watchful eye on participants to ensure safety. Additionally, they help reinforce lessons learned on the course and apply them to real-life challenges.