Business Orienteering Challenge

The Business Orienteering Challenge is one of our fast-paced and intellectually challenging corporate team building activities. Your team is presented with a variety of business case studies and they must quickly come together quickly as a team to develop the best solution/strategy for each scenario.

The primary goal of our corporate team building activities is to stimulate deep thoughts, self-reflection, and skill development that can be carried back to the workplace and translate into a more confident and productive team. The learning opportunities available are designed to challenge existing skills, enhance the focus on the power of teamwork, and push individuals beyond their perceived limits. Our corporate team building activities also create confidence in participants, their teammates, and their leader.

Teams must effectively communicate and utilize internal skills/strengths to build their strategic plan within a constrained time environment to simulate the pressures faced in today’s arduous business environment. At the end of the challenge, teams present their proposed solutions to the judge. This highly-interactive discussion period is the perfect opportunity to showcase your team’s varied talents and cross-level institutional knowledge.

Our skilled facilitators work with you to develop scenarios that incorporate both industry-specific and universal business principle and ensure certain principles are reinforced during the presentations.