Cave Rescue Mission

If you are looking for amazing Austin team building activities, be sure to check out our Cave Rescue Mission!  This team building and leadership development program is structured around a search and rescue scenario and is custom-designed in partnership with Longhorn Cavern (located near the M5 Ranch).

Program participants form a search and rescue team and must locate an injured person who is trapped inside the cave.  Group members work as a team to locate and safely extract the person, represented by a dummy.  In the process, participants may encounter rough terrain, mud, confined spaces and the feeling of being underground. Navigation over obstacles and around tight corners will demand planning, problem solving, and teamwork.  The group will have a lot of fun and will gain insights they can apply immediately in their organizations.


Your team’s safety is our number one priority, so all of our Austin team building activities instructors are active search and rescue members that specialize in High Angle and Cave Rescue and are the listed first responders for Longhorn Cavern.

This  program is four hours long, three of which are in the cave and one is classroom briefing and de-briefing.

Austin team building activities don’t get any better than the Cave Rescue Mission excursion- your team can beat the heat while refining critical problem-solving skills!