Experiential Learning Activities for Leadership Development

At Lone Star Peak Performance we tailor our experiential learning activities for leadership development to fit the needs and goals of your group based on the information you provide us. We take into considerations the type of group, length of program you desire, number of participants, and any physical limitations of the participants. The experience you choose to have may include elements that focus on physical challenges or elements that are more mentally/emotionally challenging or a combination of both. We ensure that we provide programming that will fit your group’s needs, goals, and objectives!



The primary goal of our experiential learning activities for leadership development is to produce powerful memories and stimulate deep thoughts, self reflection, and emotions that can be carried back to the workplace and translate into a more confident and productive team.  The learning opportunities available are designed to challenge physical abilities, enhance the focus on balance and coordination, and push individuals and the team beyond their perceived limits, while creating confidence in themselves, their teammates, and their leader.

The degree of difficulty (mental, physical, and emotional) found within each activity is largely  correlative to the degree which each person challenges themselves. These experiences allow team members to face new challenges and be victorious one step at at a time. Individual team members decide how far to challenge themselves and determine their level of participation.

Lone Star Peak Performance certified facilitators will encourage each team member to step out of their natural comfort zone and move beyond their normal point of risk tolerance, while not forcing team members to participate in any activity for which they are not ready for or feel comfortable with. It is always okay for one of the team members to say no. Our professional facilitators will support and encourage, but you and your team set the limits. Our focus is on safety and fun; we will do all we can to ensure the success of your experiential learning activities for leadership development.

The experiential learning activities for leadership development events the team experiences are mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging. Activities are designed to strengthen the interactive ability of the group, broaden communication, endear trust, increase interpersonal relationships, and heighten the confidence of both individual members and the team as a whole.

The experiential learning activities for leadership development events are designed to increase your team’s effectiveness and success. Lone Star Peak Performance works with teams that have been together for a long time which need to increase their performance and also works with young teams needing to learn about one another and enhance relationships. During this training, your team will learn about it’s dynamics and cohesion. This learning will translate to a more effective and productive team back at the workplace.

Embedded within the experiential learning activities for leadership development are facilitated debriefs.  These debriefs, or After Action Reviews (AAR), take place at the end of each activity and are designed to transfer learning back to the organization. The team talks about what worked, what didn’t work, how to improve the process the next time, and the skills it took for the team to succeed the challenge.  Our facilitators help the team become more aware of their abilities and the abilities of their team mates. These reflections help participants process the experience and discover how they can apply this new knowledge about themselves and their team mates to their everyday challenges.