High Ropes Course Austin


The High Ropes Course Austin at Lone Star Peak Performance provides team members the opportunity to push themselves physically and mentally through controlled risk-taking situations.

Your team will experience many different events on our High Ropes Course Austin and it is sure to be the highlight of your day. The Tower will certainly get hearts pumping and eyes widen with anticipation and excitement.  Our 40 foot Tower is the base from which your team will climb a rock wall, rappel from the top to bottom, Zip Line 400 feet across a field and down to the ground, climb cargo nets to the top of, and begin their journey to traverse the “cat walk”.



All of these activities are conducted by our trained professional facilitators and safety is our number one focus. All participants wear helmets and harnesses and are safeguarded by belay ropes which are being held by fellow team members. We also work with you to understand your team’s objectives ahead of time so your High Ropes Austin experience is maximized. We also make sure that your needs are met and the conditions are set for your team to have fun.

The High Ropes Course Austin will certainly allow team members to confront any fears they have and enhance their self-confidence, personal risk-taking and of course their trust in fellow team mates.

The group cohesiveness during this event is electric as team members provide loud support and encouragement to one another.  This enthusiasm of the team creates a “can do” environment that lends itself to team members accomplishing their goals and  increasing their self-esteem by doing things that they thought were not possible.