Indoor Team Building Activities

Lone Star Peak Performance has a wide variety of highly-interactive, indoor team building activities that can be done in case of inclement weather at M5 or during your next meeting at your corporate headquarters!

Our expert facilitators work with you to select activities that fit both your team building objectives and the space available. Your team will find our indoor team building activities are both engaging and tactile. In fact, they are the perfect way to kick off an event, break up a long training session, or infuse energy into your team!

Each indoor team building activity is unique and requires the team to think outside the box, communicate effectively as a team, and utilize critical decision-making skills. Lone Star Peak Performance’s facilitators  will work with you before your event to understand your objectives and desired outcomes; this information will be used to further customize the indoor team building activities. The learning opportunities are designed to challenge physical abilities, enhance the focus on coordination, and push individuals (and the team) beyond their perceived mental and physical limits. Our indoor team building activities also create confidence in participants, their teammates, and their leader.

Some example are:
Geometry- using verbal cues only, teams must form various shapes using two ropes
Human Knot- without breaking contact, teams must disentangle and form a circle
Toxic Waste Station- teams move toxic waste using minimal equipment
Infinity Loops- after being “handcuffed” together, work together to untangle
Helium Stick- using only an index finger, a team must lower a long stick to the ground