Team Building Austin- Leader Reaction Course

Team Building Austin, TX- The Leader Reaction Course at Lone Star Peak Performance is a ground-based challenge course that is suitable for all team members. The nature of these obstacles allows everyone to participate regardless of their physical fitness.

Our facilitators present your team with physical obstacles that require thought and innovation to navigate.  The team is provided a minimal amount of supplies suitable to allow them to navigate the obstacle and it is up to the team to figure out the process to make it happen.




The Leader Reaction Course is a team building Austin, TX exercise in both leadership and follower-ship.  One team member is selected to lead the team to successfully navigate the obstacle while the balance of the team members support the mission by providing ideas when asked and executing on the leader’s plan.

This team building Austin, TX challenge course is a mental, physical, and emotional challenge for the team. These initiatives allow your group to explore teamwork, strategies and precise communication while demonstrating the importance of planning and cooperation. The success of the team depends not only upon individual strengths but much more.  The team must be creative in their thinking, determined, and willing to take and share risk while making complete use of all of the resources available to them.  All of the same things that are required for the team to be effective in the workplace are amplified during the Leader Reaction Course. The team becomes acutely aware of the trust they must have in one another and the the collective power they must display in order to meet each of the challenges.