Locate Your Lunch

This dynamic program combines the best things about spending time at the M5 Ranch: team building, fresh Hill-Country air and BBQ! Each team will be given instruction on the basics of land navigation and then set off on a journey across our 60 acre property.

Team members use a map and their powers of observation and strategy to navigate through a course of checkpoints and obstacles- both physical and mental. It does not matter how fit you are, as you can run, walk or jog the course and progress at your own pace. Just like in the real world, your team will encounter some unexpected challenges and must quickly react to a rapidly changing environment to make it to the finish.



Along the way, the teams will need to complete various missions and gather ingredients and recipes in order to complete the final challenge: preparing a three-course, Texas BBQ luncheon, which a panel of judges will score based on taste, presentation and attitude. Following the judging, our expert facilitators will lead an AAR (After Action Review) to ensure the lessons learned on the ranch are taken back to the office while the teams enjoy their hard-earned meals.