Lone Star Peak Performance’s 12 Days of Christmas

“On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: A Partridge in a Pear Tree”. Although this opening line begins to enumerate one of the most famous Christmas gift lists of all time, it by no stretch of the imagination enumerates what any sane person actually wants to receive for Christmas.

Without fail, as December rolls around, leaders begin to worry about what to give their employees during the Holiday season. This year, the LSPP team is asking you to skip the partridges’ in pear trees, five golden rings and all other cliché Christmas gifts (fruitcakes and ugly sweaters included) and give your team what they really want…and need: leader development and team building! Not only will your team be refreshed, re-energized and rejuvenated after a few days at the M5 Ranch, but your bottom line will see the difference engaged employees make.

Are you curious about what an experience at Lone Star Peak Performance at M5 Ranch could entail? We have put together our own “12 Days of Christmas” to help lay out all of the amazing attributes of our unique meeting and reunion venue.


One Fire Pit

Our fire pit is the gathering place for groups each evening. Imagine gathering around a blazing fire with your team with a frosty beverage and warm s’more to discuss a memory-filled day at M5 Ranch. Our venue is a much-needed escape from the fast pace of the everyday grind. You time spent in the Texas Hill country amidst the serenity and beauty of nature will leave your group refreshed and reinvigorated!


Two People on the Catwalk

On our High Ropes Challenge Course, it is up to you and your partner to traverse from one end to the other of a beam suspended 40 feet in the air! This dynamic team-building event allows team members to confront fears and enhance risk-taking and trust in fellow teammates. The group cohesiveness during this event is electric as team members provide support and encouragement to one another.


Three Meals Per Day 

We recognize how important it is to nourish your body so you can operate at your peak performance. Our culinary team will fulfill your nourishment desires with a wide variety of mouth-watering entrees, snacks, and local favorites. Before your stay at M5, our expert meeting planner with work with you to create a menu based on your group’s specific tastes, schedule, dietary restrictions, and investment requirement. Our culinary offerings can range from a traditional Texas Barbecue to a white-glove fine dining experience.

Four Complete Meeting Packages 

Take advantage of on of our four incredible complete meeting packages (CMP’s). CMP’s are turnkey solution to the planning and execution of your next off-site meeting/retreat. Once our expert meeting planners understand your investment requirement and overall objectives, they will select the CMP that is right for you and take care of all of the details from there. All you have to do is come ready to develop yourself and your team!


Five Elements in Our Texas Ranger Challenge 

In order to earn your Texas Ranger certification, you and your team must muster mental fortitude to conquer all five elements of our Texas Ranger Challenge (TRC). First you will master the art of orienteering by traveling to three points across the ranch to gather your critical assets. Once your entire team and required equipment makes it across a treacherous water crossing, you will move onto the next mission, survival: starting a fire and building a hasty shelter. Once checked off by our resident outdoorsman, you will move on to the third portion of the TRC- navigating the waters of Lake Buchanan! Your mission then returns to the land where your team will complete the fourth station by learning about shotguns and the skill of shooting skeet from the sky. Once all birds are down from the sky, the team will navigate the final obstacle: The 4×4 Challenge. Your team will need to drive a 4×4 vehicle across a simulated bridge with some unexpected handicaps. The bridge is severely damaged and the enemy is in very close proximity and in pursuit…oh and by the way, the driver is blindfolded! The Texas Ranger Challenge isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is a fantastic way to build cohesiveness, increase communication and create a shared bond during a crucible situation!


Six Cozy, Ranch-Style Houses 

Our six cozy, ranch-style guesthouses provide overnight accommodations for up to 40 people and each have striking views of Lake Buchanan. These homes have charm and warmth that is often missing in large hotels and conference centers. Guesthouses are privately located and most have a full kitchen, outdoor grill, a cozy fireplace for your team to gather around, flat screen TV’s and complimentary high speed internet access.


Seven Indoor and Mobile Team-Building Ideas 

Lone Star Peak Performance has a wide variety of highly interactive, indoor team building activities that can be done in case of inclement weather at M5 or during your next meeting at your corporate headquarters! Our expert facilitators work with you to select activities that fit both your team building objectives and the space available. Your team will find our indoor team building activities are both engaging and tactile. In fact, they are the perfect way to kick off an event, break up a long training session, or infuse energy into your team! The learning opportunities are designed to challenge physical abilities, enhance the focus on coordination, and push individuals (and the team) beyond their perceived mental and physical limits. Our indoor team building activities also create confidence in participants, their teammates, and their leader. Our offerings include: 4×4 Challenge, Business Orienteering Challenge, Indoor Team Building Games, Mobile Leader Reaction Course, Mobile Low Ropes Course, Primitive Weapons and Surviving on the Land.

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Eight Hours of Facilitation on our Alamo Leadership Experience Staff Ride

How would you respond if you found yourself overwhelmed by your competitor, a larger organization with immense resources, able to match your every maneuver? What would you do if the success of your organization was on the line and you had to give one final pitch to maintain your team’s commitment and keep them from abandoning the cause? How do you create a sense of purpose in such a way that people subordinate themselves to the success of the team, willingly aligning with your vision and readily giving 100% to the mission? These and other themes were on full display at the “Alamo Leadership Experience Staff Ride,” conducted in San Antonio by faculty of the Thayer Leader Development Group (TLDG) at West Point (NY). The lessons of March 1836 come to life during a powerful eight-hour session.


Nine Groups Hosted In August

During August, there was a flurry of activity at the M5 Ranch as we hosted nine groups taking advantage of the beautiful Texas Hill Country weather! We have had the privilege of working with groups of all sizes to create phenomenal day-trips and overnight retreats.

Here is what one of satisfied clients had to say about his time out at the ranch: “We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with Lone Star Peak Performance. The High Ropes Challenge Course and the Leader Reaction Course exceeded our expectations. We observed traits and talents in individuals not seen before in the workplace. Teamwork was not only encouraged, but strengthened throughout the event. Relationships were developed and reinforced through the team building exercises and just “having fun” together. I recommend Lone Star Peak Performance to any organization that desires to fortify its vision and culture.” Rick Martinez, Vice President, Campus Planning and Support Services, UMBH










Ten Skeet Shooting Targets 

During this exciting experience, your team will learn the basics of shooting and range safety. Then you will have the opportunity to step up to the line and attempt to break as many of the ten clay targets as possible! Just like the real-world, the objective (clay pigeons in this case) will vary from stationary marks to mobile targets moving through the shooter’s environment from a variety of angles and positions. Texas Skeet shooting is an activity that team members of all physical abilities will enjoy! Lone Star Peak Performance’s Texas Skeet Shooting experience provides individuals and teams with a fun opportunity to enhance concentration, problem solving/logic skills and interpersonal relationships. Shooting sports also cultivate courage, confidence and personal responsibility within your team. As with all of our programs, certified facilitators ensure your team a safe, fun and effective environment. The adrenaline felt during Texas Skeet Shooting cannot be fully described, it must be experienced!


Eleven Hundred Feet of Lakefront Property

With our 1,100 feet of waterfront and the surrounding Texas Hill Country, M5 Ranch is the perfect venue for your next event. M5 Ranch is nestled on 60 acres in the Texas Hill Country on Lake Buchanan and is located only 2 hours North of San Antonio, 3 hours Southwest of Dallas Fort Worth, 3 1/2 hours of Houston and 50 miles Northwest of Austin. At M5 Ranch it is our goal to create a unique meeting experience that you will not forget. M5 Ranch and Lone Star Peak Performance combine the perfect mix of a rustic conference experience amidst the serenity and beauty of nature, coupled with the excitement of the experiential learning activities facilitated by our certified instructors. When you choose M5 Ranch, you are choosing to work with a team of certified instructors, experienced meeting planners, executive chefs, and seasoned outdoorsmen.


Twelve Engaged Team Members  

Our rustic-style conference center (that accommodates groups of 6 to 36) integrates state-of-the-art technology (audiovisual package that includes a 70 inch flat screen HD TV, DVD, built in audio, McTivia screen share, printable white board, pens, pads and 2 flip charts) into a comfortable setting, which will facilitate a productive and energized meeting. We provide continuous themed refreshments and service excellence throughout your event making our meeting venue perfect for your team. Our intimate and relaxed environment is a unique meeting venue away from the distractions of the office and city.

Please give us a call at 512-387-1444 or email us to have one of our expert meeting planners custom-design an incredible experience you can gift your team this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from the Lone Star Peak Performance Team! 

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