Team Building Ropes Course- Low Ropes

Teamwork is not something that is accomplished overnight.  Instead, it is developed through team experiences that reinforce the bond of the team. Lone Star Peak Performance’s approach is to direct individual team members toward a common goal and magnify the team’s effort with the synergy. This approach makes it possible for the team to work cooperatively toward a common goal and translates to heightened productivity in the workplace.

The Team Building Ropes Course (Low Ropes)  is a great way for team members to build their confidence.  The low ropes is a series of challenges involving constructed “elements” made of lumber and ropes for team members to navigate while only a couple of feet above the ground.  This activity gives them the confidence and knowledge to navigate similar obstacles when on the High Ropes Challenge Course while stories above the ground.

The Team Building Ropes Course (Low Ropes) is a great way to allow risk adverse team members to challenge themselves and to build unity of effort. Team members will  communicate, cooperate, collaborate, and compromise as they train for the High Ropes Challenge Course.

The Team Building Ropes Course events are a lot of fun and is a great spring board for your team’s growth.

Our certified facilitators ensure your team a safe, fun and effective environment.