Mentor Mindset

Ever since the Homer’s first advised Odysseus, people have counseled, taught, and coached the next generation. Mentors and protégés exist in all realms, including philosophy, the arts, the military, professional sports, and business.

Having the support of a network of seasoned experts in your field is crucial in attaining peak performance. It is equally important to not only have a mentor, but be a mentor. Passing valuable insights and life experiences on to the next generation provides opportunities for growth for both parties.




Benefits of Mentoring:

  • Executives who have had a mentor earn more money at a younger age, are better educated, are more likely to follow a career plan, and, in turn, sponsor more protégés than executives who have not had a mentor.
  • Those who have had a mentor are happier with their career progress and derive greater pleasure from their work.

Lone Star Peak Performance encourages all participants- from corporate executives and sports teams- to adopt a mentor mindset and lead from the front. Our fire pit invites conversations about past experiences and future plans under the Texas Hill Country sky. Experiential Learning Team Building programs place individuals in different roles during the event, allowing individuals to practice transitioning from mentor to student.