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February Newsletter

2017 is off to a wonderful start for Lone Star Peak Performance! We welcomed a number of diverse groups in January and enjoyed beautiful, sunny weather during each event.

We would love to add your team to the growing list of organizations that are more cohesive as a result of time spent developing relationships at M5 Ranch. 

Give us a call (512-387-1444) or send us a quick note ( to reserve a time to invest in your leaders! 

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Spotlight on Leading Through Uncertainty

The High Ropes Challenge Course provides team members the opportunity to learn how to lead through uncertain times by pushing themselves physically and mentally through controlled risk-taking situations. A 40-foot tower is the base from which team members will climb a wall, rappel from the top to down to the ground, climb cargo nets to the top, and begin their journey to traverse the “cat walk.”

The “power pole” element of the high ropes is absolutely awesome. Team members climb the pole and then leap out into the air to touch a buoy that is suspended 6 feet in front of them. It is incredible, for the climber, and also for the team that is responsible for safely lowering her back to the ground. This course allows team members to confront fears and enhance risk-taking and trust in fellow teammates. The group cohesiveness during this event is electric as team members provide support and encouragement to one another.

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What’s New at Lone Star Peak Performance

The Spring-like temperatures in the Texas Hill Country provided amazing conditions for our clients in January. Here is just one highlight from an action-packed month!

“My association brought 25 women from around the country for a team building workshop at this special place. Our retreat goal was “UNITY”, and we achieved it here. Each one of us stepped out of our comfort zone, found support among our teammates, and collectively achieved goals well beyond expectations.  Travis and his team taught us to work together, to embrace each other’s strengths, and that each of us has a quality to bring to the table. The lodging was beautiful, the showers hot, and the “sisters” of Hey Diddle Diddle catering spoiled us. We will return.  I urge anyone considering a team-building retreat to book Lone Star. You will not be disappointed.  I know we will return!”
Jennifer O’Byrne, Volunteer and Event Coordinator, Williams Syndrome Association 


“We had a wonderful time at the ranch. We are so thankful for your team’s help. The weekend went very well, and we really appreciated the attention you guys offered, especially in terms of communication!” 
Tatum Cochran, Providence Austin 

Leadership Insight: Get Out Of The Office (Part 1)


“Offsite Meetings are a great use of time and resources, invigorate and inspire the team, and pay dividends.”
Spencer Rascoff, Zillow Executive Officer 

Like Rascoff, Lone Star Peak Performance believes that conducting regular offsite meetings is an essential element of organizational success. In fact, we recently dedicated an entire social media series to learning about the importance, and benefits, of offsite meetings.

During the series we covered the top five reasons to conduct an offsite meeting.

1. Productivity and focus
Getting out of the office removes common distractors and allows team members to focus on the task at hand. Return on time invested is exponential when you gather for one eight-hour meeting instead of eight one-hour meetings.

2. Face-to-face networking time.
There’s no substitute for meeting in person. Offsite meetings allow team members that work in different departments or different states to connect and establish relationships that will pay dividends into the future.

3. Camaraderie
Team building exercises allows team members to see each other in a different light. Different strengths are revealed completing challenges than sitting at a desk. Plus you’re having a whole lot of fun, which creates powerful shared memories!

4. Tech boost
Using an offsite meeting facility provides your team with access to new and different technology. The change in environment and equipment allows your team to be more creative and engaged.

5. Encourage creativity
Offsite Meetings generate meaningful, creative ideas that may not emerge in the daily grind of the office. Fresh air and scheduled time to plan/envision empowers team members to take control of the future.

Be sure to check out next month’s newsletter for the conclusion of this article focused on the importance of getting your team out of the office! 

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