Offsite Team Building- Mobile Leader Reaction Course

The Mobile Leader Reaction Course (MLRC) is a deployable version of the popular Leader Reaction Course. Now your team can glean the same insights uncovered on the course at M5 at your corporate headquarters or offsite location!

During this fun and interactive offsite team building program, teams are given a series of missions to accomplish in a limited amount of time. Our facilitators present your team with physical obstacles that require thought and innovation to navigate. Each mission is unique and requires the team to come together quickly to develop a plan that requires creative problem solving skills as they are provided a minimal amount of supplies.



Some example are:
Minefield- navigate your team and a barrel across a minefield using only one board
Culvert Challenge- transport your team and equipment through a series of culverts
Island- figure out how to move your team across a series of islands in a short amount of time

These missions allow your group to explore teamwork, strategies and precise communication while demonstrating the importance of planning and cooperation. The success of the team depends not only upon individual strengths but much more.  The team must be creative in their thinking, determined, and willing to take and share risk while making complete use of all of the resources available to them.  All of the same things that are required for the team to be effective in the workplace are amplified during the Mobile Leader Reaction Course. The team becomes acutely aware of the trust they must have in one another and the the collective power they must display in order to meet each of the challenges.

After each mission, we conduct an After Action Review (AAR) to clarify what happened, what went well, and what the team wants to do better in the future. Our expert facilitators also work with you to custom design a course that fits both your offsite team building objectives and the space available.