Primitive Weapons

Primitive Weapons takes team building games to a new level by transporting your team back in time! Team members are given a brief history of weaponry and learn basic archery skills from our resident outdoorsman. Team members then have the opportunity to step up to the line to throw tomahawks and knives and shoot bows and arrows.

Primitive Weapons is the perfect way to kick off any event at M5! This exciting team building game helps set the tone for the rest of the weekend by getting your group out of the traditional office mentality and into the outdoor ranch atmosphere.




The primary goal of our team building games and programs is to produce powerful memories and stimulate deep thoughts that can be carried back to the workplace and translate into a more confident and productive team. We tailor each Primitive Weapons session based on the type of group, length of program you desire, number of participants, and any physical limitations. The experience you choose to have may include elements that focus on physical challenges, elements that are more mentally/emotionally challenging, or a combination of both. We will work with you to custom-design a series team building games and activities that energize and bond your team!
Team members have fun learning a new skill, interacting with teammates, testing their coordination, and sharpening their mental focus.