Search and Rescue Mission

Search and Rescue Mission is an exciting outdoor team building program structured around a recovery scenario.

After learning the useful skill of orienteering from our resident outdsoorsman, teams navigate a course in search of an injured person (represented by a dummy). Along the way, the team will need to locate different stations at which they will be faced with a fun and challenging task they must accomplish before moving on to the next mission. These tasks require the teams to use their varied individual and collaborative skills to discover the solution and advance along the course. Navigation across different terrain features will demand planning, problem solving, and teamwork.

In order to successfully complete the mission, your team will need to use strategic thinking skills, build a team and assign responsibilities, and carefully clearly communicate during the exercise- all of the same skills your team needs to be successful back in the office.

The goal of Search and Rescue mission is to instill important leadership insights, enhance the focus on coordination/communication, and push individuals (and the team) beyond their perceived limits. Our outdoor team building programs also create confidence in participants, their teammates, and their leader.

Lone Star Peak Performance’s skilled instructors are all active search and rescue members that specialize in High Angle and Cave Rescue. Your team will benefit from their real-life expertise and skilled facilitation skills!