Team Building Austin TX- Surviving on the Land


Did you ever wonder what would happen if you got lost or stranded?  Do you have the basic skills to care for yourself and your family?

Survival requires knowledge and confidence in your abilities. Lone Star Peak Performance provides instruction in the disciplines of cross-country navigation and wilderness survival during our Team Building Austin TX program entitled Surviving On The Land. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need with instruction, practical application, and practice at M5 Ranch.

Through a combination of personal instruction and practical application, your team will gain the knowledge necessary in an unexpected wilderness situation. Surviving On The Land provides the opportunity for your team to master the disciplines of cross-country navigation and wilderness survival. Your team will also benefit from learning how to react to stressful and unexpected situations.

Lone Star Peak Performance’s focus is on safety. We want to allow you the opportunity to grow as a team while pushing yourself and having fun and our certified instructors will make sure both of these objectives are met.

During our Surviving On The Land Team Building Austin TX experience you will learn:

  • Land navigation (map reading, compass reading, pace count)
  • Primitive fire making
  • Water gathering and purification
  • How to build shelter
  • First aid
  • How to be found when lost
  • Identifying poisonous snakes, insects and plants
  • Food gathering on Texas land