Team Building Exercises- Mobile Low Ropes Challenge

The Mobile Low Ropes Challenge Course brings the benefits and excitement of outdoor experiential learning to your corporate headquarters or offsite location!

Lone Star Peak Performance’s experienced and knowledgable facilitators work hand-in-hand with you to custom design a team building exercise that achieves your team building objectives within the space available. The Mobile Low Ropes Challenge Course is a series of events involving constructed “elements” made of lumber and ropes for team members to navigate while only a couple of feet above the ground.




Some examples of team building exercises available are:
TP Shuffle– realign your team according to height order on a horizontal telephone pole without touching the ground
Low V- supporting each other, two teammates must move from the narrow end to the wide end of the “V” without falling
Trust Walk- one blindfolded team member must navigate a treacherous “bridge” using verbal cues from one trusted navigator while other team members work to mitigate the dangers on the bridge
Teetor Totter- your team must work together and clearly communicate to achieve balance

At the end of the program, we conduct an After Action Review (AAR) to identify the lessons learned and how to apply them back in the office or on the playing field. The Mobile Low Ropes Challenge Course is a great way to allow team members to challenge themselves and to build unity of effort. Team members will communicate, cooperate, collaborate, and compromise during this fun and interactive exercise.