Team Challenge- Indoor Team Building

 Team Challenge is a fun, interactive indoor team building activity that reinforces teamwork, draws on the unique skills of individual team members, and enhances communication. 

At the start of the activity, groups are split into teams. Participants then begin working together in their respective teams to solve as many challenges as possible in the allotted time period.  

Participants will encounter two types of challenges during Team Challenge: 




Mental – trivia, word puzzles, and riddles that test teams’ creativity, ability to think analytically, and problem solving skills

Physical – interactive challenges that activate participants’ strength, stamina, and ability to focus.

Each challenge successfully completed will earn the team points. Teams will need to interact effectively and think quickly in order to collect the most points and be crowned the Team Challenge champions. 

Team Challenge is the perfect way to infuse energy into your next team meeting or break the ice at an offsite retreat.