Texas Cooking Challenge: Chili Cook-Off


The Texas Cooking Challenge: Chili Cook-off is equal parts fun, competitive and delicious! Each team will be provided with standard ingredients (plus a few surprises from our Master Chef!) for chili and a tight time schedule to prepare their culinary masterpieces. 

First, each team will need to designate a Head Chef who will need to take responsibility in decision-making and delegation.  Next, the teams will begin planning, preparing and presenting their interpretation of the best Texas chili. This dynamic event requires organization, clear communication and teamwork!




Along the way, the teams will need to complete various missions to earn special ingredients and tools to add them in their preparation. Missions include: answering chili-related trivia questions, showcasing culinary skills, or incorporating unexpected ingredients into the mix. After the teams are finished, they will need to present their creations to our Master Chef who will score them based on taste, presentation and attitude. 

Following the judging, our expert facilitators will lead an AAR (After Action Review) to ensure the lessons learned during the Texas Cooking Challenge are taken back to the office while the teams enjoy their hard-earned meals.