Texas Horseback Riding Experience


There is no better way to experience Texas Hill Country than on horseback at M5 Ranch! Our expert facilitators will work with you to create a customized horseback riding experience in which your team members get quality time with specially trained horses.

First, team members learn the basics of establishing a trusting relationship built on clear communication with their horse. They are then put to work caring for the horse and saddling it up for an adventure. Finally, team members are able to test out their cowboy skills on a ride around the ranch.




The lessons learned on horseback translate directly to real life. Learning to work in harmony with others has the ability to take us to places we are unable reach alone. Also, keeping calm in stressful situations is a valuable life skill that is reinforced in the fun, experiential learning event. Each horseback riding experience will be unique and created based on the needs and dynamics of each group. We will customize the length of time, number and size of horses and difficulty of the course.

Will you join us for a day of memorable horseback riding at the M5 Ranch located in the scenic Texas Hill County?