Texas Ranger Challenge

The first part of the Texas Ranger Challenge is to gather your mission essential equipment which is scattered across our 60 acre ranch. You will master the art of orienteering by traveling to three points across the ranch to gather your critical assets. Once you have your equipment, your team will need to traverse the waterway. Once your entire team and required equipment makes it across, you will move onto the next mission, survival: starting a fire and building a hasty shelter. Once checked off by our resident out-doors-man, you will move on to the waters of Lake Buchanan where you will need to navigate to a rally point and back to shore!

Your mission then returns to the land where your team will shoot another azimuth to the skeet shooting range.  There your team will learn about shotguns and the skill of shooting skeet from the sky…each team member will have an opportunity to test their skill and gain valuable points for their team. Once all birds are down from the sky, the team will navigate to the 4×4 Challenge.  Once there, your team  will need to drive a 4×4 vehicle across a simulated bridge with some unexpected handicaps. The bridge is severely damaged and the enemy is in very close proximity and in pursuit…oh and by the way, the driver is blindfolded!

In order to earn your Texas Ranger certification, you must muster mental fortitude to gather all your equipment and return it in its original condition.

The Texas Ranger Challenge isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is a fantastic way to build cohesiveness, increase communication and create a shared bond during a crucible situation!