LSPP In the News

Lone Star Peak Performance strives to set the standard for corporate team building events. Part of that mission involves outreach and we welcome opportunities to share the benefits of hosting corporate team building events.

Below you will find a small sampling of the news articles featuring Lone Star Peak Performance:

Texas Outside

Lone Star Peak Performance was recently featured in, a popular travel website founded by Mike Sharp. Mike had so much fun with us at the M5 Ranch that he is planning to bring his whole family back to take on the challenging Leader Reaction Course!

Check out the full article here.

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Anderson Leadership Solutions

Our founder, Rick Minicozzi, was recently interviewed by Anderson Leadership Solutions on the importance of teamwork and selflessness.

Tune in at 20:40 to hear Rick speak about setting the organizational culture: “If you are actually going to be able to scale your organization, you have to empower your people. You have to trust your people. You have to create that culture that people are going to take that initiative to move you forward as an organization. And clearly, that is what the US military does and those are the principles we teach.”

Also, around 22:07 Rick discusses the necessity of selfless team members: “Selflessness is an absolutely critical aspect that something every single member of the team needs to have. And again, that is driven by the organizational culture.”

Check out the full interview here.