Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point

Leadership Development Program TexasLone Star Peak Performance is proud to recommend to our clients seeking Leadership Development Program Texas-Style, the premier leader development organization in the country, Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point for Executive Leader Development.

Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point (TLDG) provides a unique four pronged approach to developing “Leaders of Character” based on leadership principles adhered to by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  Since its founding in 2010, TLDG has trained more than 12,500 executives—representing 166 organizations—including many Fortune 50 companies, and the nation’s top banking and financial services companies.

The mission of TLDG is to build full time leaders of character through customized leadership and ethics programs based on proven leadership principles from the U.S. Army and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point,”

TLDG’s features four aspects to its program development.


Applied classroom academic sessions which are grounded in military practice, academic rigor and practical applications. Faculty members are among some of the most highly regarded leadership experts in the country, all of whom have significant military experience, most are graduates of West Point with advanced degrees, and many have taught at military institutions throughout the world.

  • Experiential learning activities extend the classroom learning to the field.  Unique programming events immerse participants into situations where they rely on fellow TEAM members during training challenges.  This is an incredible extension of the classroom where much dynamic learning is experienced.
  • Retired General Officers serve as Senior Advisors who coach and mentor throughout your TEAM’s training.  Senior Advisors are embedded in you leader development program from beginning to end and participate in every activity of your TEAM.  This is a great opportunity for your TEAM to have complete and continual access to former General Officers of the Army during your leader development experience.
  • Inspirational and motivational Keynote Speakers who are all “Leaders of Character.” This expert faculty reveals battle-tested principles of leadership lessons from West Point and the Army.

TLDG participants receive practical and insightful guidance on how to become more resilient in difficult times, leverage chaos to enhance mission success, develop and maintain trust, resolve conflict through negotiations, build ethical climates, and leverage social networks.

The leadership competencies gained from TLDG programs can be applied in your TEAM’s professional and personal endeavors.

Let us help coordinate TLDG to be a part of your Leadership Development Program Texas experience at Lone Star Peak Performance at M5 Ranch.

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