The Significance of the Five M’s

Our mission at Lone Star Peak Performance to help develop your team into a more cohesive and effective force. In order to achieve that goal, each individual must possess certain qualities.
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The M5 Ranch is home to Lone Star Peak Performance. Each point of the star represents one of the five M’s and each M represents a character trait we believe is critical to success. During your stay at the M5 Ranch, our trained facilitators will not only work to embody these traits, but they will strive to call them out in your team.

Master of Body- Lone Star Peak Performance at M5 Ranch helps you become a Master of Body by providing experiential learning team building programs that challenge your physical fitness. Your body will be asked to perform tasks outside of the norm, and with this challenge will come growth. Also, our caterer will provide delicious meals that nourish the body and replace vital nutrients.

Mental Toughness- Lone Star Peak Performance Austin, TX seeks to be a catalysts to individuals and organizations desiring to increase their mental toughness. Our leadership development offerings, experiential learning team building programs, and Alamo Leadership Experience staff rides challenge individuals to step out of their comfort zone and into a place of growth.

Mentor Mindset- Lone Star Peak Performance at M5 Ranch encourages all participants- from corporate executives and sports teams- to adopt a mentor mindset and lead from the front. Our fire pit invites conversations about past experiences and future plans under the Texas Hill Country sky. Experiential Learning Team Building programs place individuals in different roles during the event, allowing individuals to practice transitioning from mentor to student.

Mission Success- Lone Star Peak Performance at M5 Ranch provides your team with the opportunity to practice the mission/success cycle during our experiential learning team building activities. Our facilitators ensure that the lessons learned on the course are applied back in the office to make your team more effective.

Moral Compass- Lone Star Peak Performance at M5 Ranch would love to sharpen your team’s skill using compasses through our Team Orienteering Challenge and knowledge of professional moral compasses with our leadership development programs.